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Hello Friends,In this video tutorial, you will learn to install flutter in visual studio code. I have explained everything in a very easy way. After you have done all the above steps now you are ready to create your new Flutter project in Visual Studio Code. Now I will teach you how to create your Flutter project in VS Code. Click on the View tab in the menu bar and select Command Palette. Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + p. Setting up Flutter and Visual Studio Code In Windows. Detailed video with all the proper steps to setup Flutter and to create a proper working environment fo.

The http.dart bundle record contains significant level capacity and classes to oversee and recover HTTP assets. The bundle record is completely stage free and can run on both Android and iOS stages. The http.dart bundle comes inbuilt with more established vacillate form however now we need to physically import and design this into our venture. So in this instructional exercise we would Solve Target of URI doesn’t exist package:http/http.dart Error in Flutter iOS android venture.

Flutter With Vs Code

How this mistake resembles:

Mistake Text:

Focus of URI doesn’t exist: ‘package:http/http.dart’ . Take a stab at Creating the record referred to by the URI, our Try utilizing a URI for a document that portion exist. dart (uri_dose_not_exist), No convenient solution accessible.

Substance in this task Target of URI doesn’t exist package:http/http.dart Error Solution in Flutter:

  1. To understand this blunder first we need to open pubspec.yaml document present in our Flutter venture.

2. Open pubspec.yaml record in Visual Studio Code, Android Studio our Notepad ++ editorial manager. Discover line conditions: and put http: ^0.12.0 on the money after it and Save the document.


Create Flutter Project

Complete source code of my pubspec.yaml record:

3. Open ripple venture envelope in Command Prompt or Terminal and execute vacillate bar get order. This order would download and introduce the recently added http library.

Flutter Vs Code

4. In the wake of executing above order, it will download and introduce the http.dart bundle in our task.

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